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Volvo V40 review

Volvo is looking out for not only its drivers, but also pedestrians with some new, innovative technology they’re adding to one of their new rides. The car manufacturer has released its all-new V40 vehicle at the 2012 Geneva Motor show and it’s packed with high-tech features like an exterior pedestrian airbag system—a world first in any vehicle. The five-door seater will have front bumper sensors that will register any physical contact between the car and a pedestrian. If any contact is sensed, a section on the front bumper (closet to the windshield) will be released, deploying an airbag that covers the entire front end.

Volvo hopes that the new airbag system will reduce injuries to pedestrians if stuck by a car. But besides the outside airbag, they’ve also added a special Pedestrian Detection technology that detects if a pedestrian steps out into the road in front of the car. It’ll activate the brakes just in case the driver can’t respond in time, saving them from what could possibly a tragic accident for both the driver and pedestrian. Adding to Volvo’s emphasis on safety, the V40 also has updated City Safety technology, Lane Keeping Aid and haptic auto steering, automatic Road Sign information, Active High Beam tech and Park Assist Pilot Cross Traffic Alert.


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