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Tenzi Review (Thrift Sift) 0

Chaz Marler reviews Tenzi: the dice game that takes only seconds to learn, and even less time to master.

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10 thoughts on “Tenzi Review (Thrift Sift)

  1. +Pairofdice paradise is missing the whole point… no other game lets you
    shout “TENZI!!!!” when you win. I suppose you could house rule other games
    and add that to the victory conditions, but really…. it just wouldn’t be
    the same.

  2. I have played this “game”, along with card deck, and attempted to leave
    reviews on Amazon with my true thoughts and criticisms. Nothing extremely
    negative and vulgar, just honest opinion and recommendations for other
    games that would be better suited. Amazon continuously denied posting it,
    and so I wonder if the reviews are all positive because people love this
    “game” or that reviews that do not sing praise get denied… Maybe I need
    to attempt another revision.

  3. Don’t knock it until you’ve played Tenzi Tower while drunk! There’s a game
    that lasts many hours!!!!…..at least, I think it did…..I can’t

  4. I confess that we own this and play it from time to time. we have the 77
    card expansion too. so we’ll pick random cards and play the variant. my 11
    year old with down syndrome loves it, and her younger sister likes to beat
    all of us. it’s much better than playing a whole game of Life, which is
    what they want to play. sometimes I can get them to play incan gold, and
    less frequently King of Tokyo.

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